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Haddy Racks Rackateering Mon 1st Feb
Heart Break Boys No Feelins Mixtape hosted by Dj Fresh/The Empire ft Future Mon 26th Dec
HaterProof Entertainment The Loud Pack Tue 22nd Mar
High Notes Beats Presents ACM 100 Block Industry Takeover Album 2009 Industry Takeover Tue 10th Aug
H2 Gravy Train Mixtape Sat 20th Feb
Hevehitta And DJ Unexpected House Of Traps Tue 9th Feb
Hoodlym A Thousand Deaths Sat 12th Dec
Hottest Nigga Under The Sun Hottest Nigga Under The Sun Thu 16th Jul
Hanashirley Goldie mixtape Mon 4th Aug
Hevehitta and DJ Dub Floyd Fast Forward Mixtape Hosted By Kanye West Thu 26th Jun
Hell Rell 40 Cal Jr Writer 3 Birds Feather Fri 30th May
Hitchcock (of A-Team) Hitchcock (Hosted By DJ Cipha Sounds)-(Bootleg)-2002 Sun 11th May
Hasan Insane & Tapemasters Inc Present Jay- Z in BLACK CAESAR Sun 4th May
Hasan Insane, Tapemasters Inc, Jay-Z & The Commission Black Caesar Fri 25th Apr
Hell Rell And Jr Writer Got The Block Locked Mon 31st Mar
Halftime Show 10 Year Anniversary Pt. 1 Sun 9th Mar
Halftime Show 10 Year Anniversary Pt. 2 Sun 9th Mar
Hitchcock Countdown To H20-(Bootleg)-2008 Mon 3rd Mar
Hitchcock Hitchcock (Hosted By DJ Cipha Sounds)-(Bootleg)-2002 Mon 3rd Mar
Hussein_Fatal_Aka_Fatalveli Makaveli_Soldiers Wed 20th Feb
Hitchcock Countdown_To_H20 Thu 14th Feb
Hussein Fatal Makaveli Soldiers Thu 17th Jan
Hell Rell The Best Mon 14th Jan
Hart, Kelly & Carnage HMS Cokehead Wed 2nd Jan
Harry Glazebrook Guest mixTAPE Wed 2nd Jan
Hell_Rell Streets_Wanna_Know Tue 1st Jan
Hitman Presents - Jay-Z American Gangster Take 2 Fri 28th Dec
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